5 Ways to Avoid a Car Breakdown in the Winter

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5 Ways to Avoid a Car Breakdown in the Winter

Make sure you focus on autumn car upkeep this month and you’ll be less stressed this winter, at the very least, with regard to car issues.

The autumn season is the ideal time to take care of any issues prior to the winter weather arrives. This could save you from an accident or at most the car repair expense.

Here are five tasks you can include on your autumn car maintenance list:

1. Check All Fluid Levels

How is your antifreeze? What’s the condition of your brake and power steering fluids? Do you have leaks in your brake and power steering fluids?

You can count the mechanic you trust to inform you that your car is not getting enough fluids. However, you can either delay until a leak creates a major problem or you could decide to take the initiative and determine the truth for yourself. If you find that a reservoir appears to be low you can ask your mechanic for advice on what you can do.

2. Battery Checkup Time

Cold weather is a drain on car batteries. It isn’t possible to check the level of your battery’s fluid but you can consult an auto mechanic to have the battery checked.

Most batteries last around five years. Your mechanic can provide you with an idea of the amount of remaining useful life is left in the battery and you will be able to decide whether to replace it, or wait longer. In either case, ensure you have jumper cables with your.

3. Test the Heating System

A heated car might not be able to stop a crash however it can make it more comfortable once the frigid winter arrives. A element that is part of your heating unit the windshield defroster helps to clear your vision.

The visibility is essential to safe winter driving. And the time to address broken defrosters is when you’re doing autumn car maintenance — prior to when it’s required to ensure security.

4. Take a Look at Tire Tread

Are your tires at the end of their peak? Use a penny to insert it into the tread of your tire with Lincoln’s head upside-down. If the tread covers at least a portion of Lincoln’s head, you are left with more than 2/3 inches tread left that is within the legal, safe limit. If the tread does not touch the Lincoln’s forehead, you’re in to get new tires.

5. Check Your Brakes

The fall season of car maintenance should include a thorough inspection of the brake system, which is among the most vital systems in regards to security. Check with your mechanic about the wear of your brake pads and ensure that the fluid lines aren’t leaking and your rotors aren’t distorted.

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